July 14, 2001

Typical Belgian road signs. Do not enter, bikes excepted, and I don't know the bottom one.

Ieper, Belgium, odd road sign, sign

July 22, 2001

breast-y lioness outside Hotel de Sully

Paris, France, Hotel de Sully, statue

July 22, 2001

courtyard and facade to Hotel de Sully

France, Paris, Hotel de Sully, framed

July 22, 2001

Looking out behind Hotel de Sully; building at rear is on Place des Vosges. I remember taking in th...

Hotel de Sully, Paris, France, courtyard

July 22, 2001

Warm summer day, and a quartet of violins under the arcade was playing Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

Paris, France, statue

July 22, 2001

view down the street to--surprise--ornate church peeking out from the neighborhood. St-Antoine, I t...

France, Eglise de St Antoine, Paris, church

July 22, 2001

Taken from same location as previous shot. Look what's subtly hidden behind the street facade . . .

France, Paris, fire truck

July 22, 2001

close-up of the same facade

France, Paris, Eglise de St Antoine, church

July 27, 2001

whirlwind tour of Brussels, as they visited me

Belgium, Brussels, Andreea, Andreea's mother, park

July 27, 2001

shops at the entrance to le Grand Sablon, always quaint and cute

Belgium, Brussels, street