February 2001

Brussels, my apt in Brussels, Belgium, Me

February 2001

Brussels, Belgium, my apt in Brussels, Me, milk, cereal

February 2001

my apt in Brussels, Belgium, Brussels, Me

February 2001

Belgium, my apt in Brussels, Brussels, Myke

February 2, 2001

Hockey star.

Michigan, USA, David

March 2001

With a light covering of snow.

Starlab, Brussels, Uccle, Belgium, winter

April 3, 2001

On vacation in Florida, sent me a photo/email from a kiosk.

photo booth, Jeremy, Mom, Dad, David

April 22, 2001

(Horta, of Art Nouveau/architectural fame, designed the structures)

Royal Greenhouses, Brussels, Belgium, Laeken, plants, Art Nouveau, flowers

April 22, 2001

twilight, and japanese pagoda across the lake

Royal Greenhouses, Brussels, Laeken, Belgium

April 22, 2001

rowses upon rowses of roses

Laeken, Belgium, Brussels, Royal Greenhouses, plants, flowers, roses