January 8, 2005

Massachusetts, back yard, USA, my apt on Meadow St, Amherst, snow, winter, trees

January 9, 2005

Chocolate Pot break while cross-country skiing.

Northfield Mountain, Massachusetts, USA, Pippin, Emily, snow, winter

January 9, 2005

USA, Northfield Mountain, Massachusetts, Emily, winter, snow

January 9, 2005

Massachusetts, Northfield Mountain, USA, Pippin, snow, winter

January 13, 2005

Ice in pine trees?

USA, Massachusetts, trees, winter

January 15, 2005

Should take some photos of the car finally, before I go.

my apt on Meadow St, Amherst, USA, Massachusetts, my car, car

January 15, 2005

USA, my apt on Meadow St, Amherst, Massachusetts, my car

January 15, 2005

Amherst, USA, Massachusetts, my car

January 16, 2005

Reunion of college friends. Dan just moved back to town! Natalka's moving to Canada! Aaron has no ...

Massachusetts, USA, Aaron, Dan, Janet, Natalka, Rachel

January 23, 2005

Land of sun and pastel buildings. View out my bedroom window.

courtyard, Italy, Rome, American Academy in Rome, view from my room