March 1, 2005

From around the Roman empire, vessels of oil (and fish paste?) arrived here as taxes. The vessels w...

Rome, Monte Testaccio, Italy, Myke, Paul, Eve, Ruth, Hilary, George, Lynn, Gail, AAR-people, pot shards

March 1, 2005

Hard to make out who's who, we're that bundled up.

Monte Testaccio, Rome, Italy, Gail, George, Lynn, Hilary, Ruth, Eve, Myke, Paul, pot shards, AAR-people

March 1, 2005

Monte Testaccio, Rome, Italy, Paul, Sarah, Myke, Ruth, Gail, AAR-people, pot shards

March 1, 2005

Found a large chunk, neck and an arm still intact.

Rome, Monte Testaccio, Italy, Me, pot shards

March 1, 2005

Snow-covered peaks in distance.

Monte Testaccio, Rome, Italy, view, buildings, view of Rome

March 1, 2005

Looking towards Pyramide, a few blocks away.

Italy, Rome, Monte Testaccio, buildings, view, view of Rome

March 1, 2005

Italy, Monte Testaccio, Rome, view of Rome, buildings, view

March 1, 2005

Rome, Monte Testaccio, Italy, view of Rome, view, buildings

March 8, 2005

Mimosa sprig. Gift from Lella, picked from the back garden. Traditional for the Festa delle Donne,...

Rome, American Academy in Rome, Italy, bedroom, flower

March 10, 2005

"Forza Italia [the political party]. In Lazio [the province Rome is in], 15 thousand more hectares o...

Italy, Rome, billboard