March 25, 1972

My father's parents.

North Hollywood, California, USA, Bernice, Dennis, wedding, mom and dad's wedding

March 25, 1972

Walking down the aisle.

USA, California, North Hollywood, Bernice, Dennis, Dad, mom and dad's wedding, wedding

March 25, 1972

Wedding picture.

North Hollywood, California, USA, Mom, Dad, mom and dad's wedding


Canada, Quebec City, Dad

June 1974

"That's what my mom looked like," says my mom.


April 1977

Floppy Lisa.

USA, Des Moines, Iowa, Dad, Me, Mom

April 1977

Nice 70's shirt for dad.

Des Moines, USA, Iowa, Mom, Dad, Me

May 1977

Happy family.

North Hollywood, California, USA, Mom, Marge, Me, Dad, Rolly

March 1979

USA, Seattle, Washington, Mom, orange

March 1979

Washington, Seattle, USA, Me, glasses