May 27, 1995

Inside the freshman dining hall. One semester later, closed and renovated to become the Barker Cent...

Cambridge, USA, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Nina, Meredith, Susannah, Charles

May 28, 1995

Mom and David helping me move out.

Cambridge, Canaday, Massachusetts, USA, Harvard University, Mom, David

June 5, 1995

With Becca's cat, Cameron.

USA, Becca's house, Becca's house on S. Ottillia, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Becca, Me

June 11, 1995

back yard, USA, my house, East Grand Rapids, Michigan, David, Me

June 17, 1995

Lake Michigan, Michigan, Hoffmaster State Park, USA, Kelley, Me, beach

June 17, 1995

Michigan, Hoffmaster State Park, Lake Michigan, USA, Calvin, Amy, Katie

July 16, 1995

David playing in some sort of radioactive- (or something-) proof suit my dad brought home.

Michigan, my room, USA, my house, East Grand Rapids, David

July 16, 1995

East Grand Rapids, USA, my house, my room, Michigan, Dad, David

July 16, 1995

East Grand Rapids, my house, USA, my room, Michigan, David, Dad

August 16, 1995

"King Tut" dancing, or similar.

my house, USA, East Grand Rapids, Michigan, living room, David, Mom