October 10, 1995

View out the window from my little room.

Cambridge, USA, Massachusetts, Harvard University, view from my room, framed

December 23, 1995

Holidays at home: menorah in foreground, Christmas tree in background.

Michigan, East Grand Rapids, my house, USA, dining room, Dad

December 23, 1995

my house, USA, East Grand Rapids, Michigan, dining room, Mom

December 25, 1995

Christmas morning.

Michigan, my house, USA, living room, East Grand Rapids, Jeremy

December 25, 1995

Raucous Christmas morning.

East Grand Rapids, living room, my house, USA, Michigan, David

December 25, 1995

Raucous . . . or frazzled.

Michigan, my house, living room, USA, East Grand Rapids, Dad, David

December 30, 1995

Long, palmed beach.

Costa Rica, beach

December 30, 1995

Costa Rica, Me, rainbow, beach

December 30, 1995

Broad expanse of sand.

Costa Rica, beach, rainbow

January 1996

Costa Rica, mountain