October 14, 2000

myke's butt, merav's torso: tent set-up

White Mountains, Whitewater Valley, New Hampshire, USA, Merav, Myke

October 14, 2000

White Mountains, New Hampshire, Whitewater Valley, USA, Me, forest

September 4, 2001

Myke emerging after the first day riding

California, Napa Valley, USA, Myke, biketrip

September 6, 2001

Peaceful morning view of campsite. Bike with accessories. Tiny tent for two. Stove setup off to th...

California, USA, Lake Solano, bike, biketrip

September 5, 2004

USA, Massachusetts, October Mountain State Forest, Myke, camping

September 5, 2004


October Mountain State Forest, Massachusetts, USA, Jerod, Maryanne, Pippin, Vicky, Nadia