April 10, 1980

Third birthday.

USA, East Grand Rapids, my house, Michigan, Me, birthday

October 21, 2000

Ken's new condo

Franklin St apt, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Ken, dishes

November 2000

Belgium, my apt in Brussels, Brussels, my apt

December 9, 2000

Becky, visiting from London, stirs the . . . pasta sauce?

Belgium, Brussels, my apt in Brussels, Becky, my apt

July 29, 2001

Belgium, Brussels, my apt in Brussels, Andreea's mother, my apt

August 4, 2001

Becca's apt in Rivne, Ukraine, Rivne

August 4, 2001

Rivne, Ukraine, Becca's apt in Rivne, Becca, dinner

November 28, 2002

11am: stumble out of bed, take turkey out of fridge, try to tell its head from its tail, and dig out...

myke's apt on Dudley St, Cambridge, USA, Massachusetts, Myke, Thanksgiving, dead turkey

November 28, 2002

Turkey and neck.

Massachusetts, USA, Cambridge, myke's apt on Dudley St, Myke, Thanksgiving, dead turkey

March 29, 2003

The--rather bulging--apple pie, before baking, along with related kitchen items.

USA, Massachusetts, Amherst, my apt in the Boulders