March 30, 1995

USA, San Francisco, California, buildings, RCS trip

October 26, 2000

Main St, Kendall Square

Massachusetts, Boston, USA, Cambridge, buildings, traffic light, from a taxi

October 26, 2000

Boston skyline

USA, Boston, Massachusetts, from a taxi, buildings

October 26, 2000

intersection of Charles St. & Cambridge St., Boston end of Longfellow Bridge

USA, Boston, Massachusetts, from a taxi, sign

November 25, 2000

view away from the Arc de Triomphe, towards the ferris wheel at pl. de la Concorde

Champs Elysées, France, Paris, cars

November 26, 2000

Le Centre Pompidou, with its bright exposed piping, definitely (um) contrasts with surrounding archi...

Paris, France, Centre Pompidou

July 27, 2001

shops at the entrance to le Grand Sablon, always quaint and cute

Belgium, Brussels

July 28, 2001

along the walk from the train station

Belgium, Bruges

July 28, 2001

The view looking towards the towers of the main square.

Bruges, Belgium

August 5, 2001

Rivne, Ukraine, bus