May 21, 1995

Memorial Hall and Sanders Theatre, pre-spire days. From the window of my common room.

Canaday C-51, Massachusetts, USA, Harvard University, Cambridge

May 21, 1995

The Kodak-camera Science Center, from my common room window.

Massachusetts, USA, Canaday C-51, Cambridge, Harvard University

May 21, 1995

Memorial Church, at the back, tolls for 2 full minutes every hour, an unignorable presence to Canada...

courtyard, Harvard University, Canaday, Cambridge, Canaday C-51, USA, Massachusetts

October 10, 1995

View out the window from my little room.

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, Massachusetts, framed

November 15, 2003

my apt on Meadow St, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, tree

May 8, 2004

USA, Massachusetts, Amherst, my apt on Meadow St, tree

January 23, 2005

Land of sun and pastel buildings. View out my bedroom window.

Italy, courtyard, Rome, American Academy in Rome

January 23, 2005

courtyard, Rome, American Academy in Rome, Italy

January 23, 2005

Looking into the gallery, with its spolia (random ancient stuff pasted onto the walls).

American Academy in Rome, Rome, courtyard, Italy

October 20, 2007

USA, Massachusetts, my apt on North East St, Amherst, framed, trees, fall colors