August 15, 1994

Mile upon mile of an incredible rocky landscape.

Badlands, USA, South Dakota, Dad, Mom, Jeremy, David

August 21, 1994

Grand Teton National Park, USA, Wyoming, mountains

October 15, 2000

From the hiking trail

Whitewater Valley, New Hampshire, White Mountains, USA, fall colors, mountains

October 15, 2000

colorful, beautiful tapestry of trees

New Hampshire, White Mountains, USA, Whitewater Valley, trees, fall colors, mountains

October 15, 2000

Walsh-Dickey trail. Lots of bare granite sheets. Great hike though; spectacular scenery.

White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA, Whitewater Valley, Myke, Me, fall colors, good photo of myke, mountains, trees, good photo of me

June 30, 2001

Italy, Menaggio, paradise, lake

July 1, 2001

morning mist over the water

Italy, Menaggio, lake, paradise, mountains

September 6, 2001

Near Lake Solano: perfect scenery, perfect road ahead.

USA, California, paradise, biketrip, lake, road

September 15, 2001

USA, California, Central Valley, biketrip, river, mountains, golden hills of california

July 21, 2002

Looking the other direction. The cliff we couldn't quite scramble over wet rocks to reach.

Singing Beach, Massachusetts, Manchester-by-the-Sea, USA, ocean, Atlantic Ocean