October 26, 2000

intersection of Charles St. & Cambridge St., Boston end of Longfellow Bridge

Massachusetts, Boston, USA, from a taxi, street

October 26, 2000

Massachusetts, Boston, USA, from a taxi, buildings

October 26, 2000

USA, Boston, Massachusetts, buildings, from a taxi

December 2000

Part of the posted subway regulations. Schedule, Children under 6, Packages, and Dogs. Dogs: acco...

Belgium, Brussels

May 26, 2001

Inside reference to cultish web thing. These signs seen around Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 26, 2001

Vlaamse Frites, means Flemish Fries. So even outside Belgium they're famous.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

July 14, 2001

Typical Belgian road signs. Do not enter, bikes excepted, and I don't know the bottom one.

Ieper, Belgium, odd road sign

July 29, 2001

Sign on the outskirts of Brussels. Bottom (or top) translates to "Brussels capital-city region".

Brussels, Belgium

August 9, 2001

I was so proud of being able to read this sign! "Furniture for home and office"

Ukraine, Kyiv, cyrillic, billboard

September 2, 2001

Lisa at Samurai Charley's Griddle and Sushi house.

USA, California, San Francisco, Me, biketrip