January 1996

Costa Rica

November 25, 2000

Thanksgiving weekend, Becky and friends came to Paris, and I zipped over on the Thalys to meet them ...

Sacré-Coeur, Paris, Montmartre, France

May 27, 2001

Cathedral of St Michel and St Gudule, patron saints of Brussels

Belgium, Brussels

June 27, 2001

Cathedral of Verona facade

Verona, Italy

June 29, 2001

Cathedral in Milan. wow. (skirt needed for entry--an item I'd forgotten and had to fashion out of ...

Milan, Italy, cathedral

July 22, 2001

view down the street to--surprise--ornate church peeking out from the neighborhood. St-Antoine, I t...

France, Paris, Eglise de St Antoine

July 22, 2001

close-up of the same facade

Eglise de St Antoine, Paris, France

August 2001

The Art Deco church just up the street (and the tram tracks, and the hill) from my house.

Belgium, Forest, Altitude Cent, Brussels, near my home

August 6, 2001

Ukraine, Kyiv

August 6, 2001

Ukraine, Kyiv, plaza, monument, sculpture