October 14, 2000

New Hampshire, USA, Whitewater Valley, White Mountains, forest

October 14, 2000

White Mountains, Whitewater Valley, USA, New Hampshire, forest, fall colors

October 15, 2000

colorful, beautiful tapestry of trees

Whitewater Valley, White Mountains, USA, New Hampshire, favorite outdoors pics, fall colors, mountains

October 15, 2000

Walsh-Dickey trail. Lots of bare granite sheets. Great hike though; spectacular scenery.

New Hampshire, USA, White Mountains, Whitewater Valley, Myke, Me, mountains, fall colors, good photo of myke, favorite outdoors pics, good photo of me

July 29, 2001

Bike, pedestrian, and equestrian paths through the large forest in the south of Brussels.

Belgium, Brussels, forest

August 16, 2001

view down street from balcony

Belgium, Altitude Cent, Forest, Brussels, narrow dutch buildings, buildings, near my home

September 5, 2001

Hills were beautiful. Sandy golden dotted with green bushy trees. Myke said: this is what I think o...

USA, California, biketrip, hills, golden hills of california

September 5, 2001

USA, California, golden hills of california, biketrip, hills

September 6, 2001

in front of the State House

Sacramento, USA, California, biketrip

September 6, 2001

park surrounding the State House

California, USA, Sacramento, Me, biketrip