August 18, 1994

Wyoming, USA, Yellowstone National Park

August 19, 1994

USA, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

July 1, 2001

On the trail we met Giacomo, an Italian who had not left Menaggio in his life but spoke several lang...

Menaggio, Italy, Myke, Me, hiking

October 25, 2002

Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Fallingwater, USA, Somerset, Pennsylvania, trees, fall colors

August 4, 2004

A half-mile walk from my house on Meadow Street!

Amherst, USA, Puffer's Pond, Massachusetts

August 4, 2004

Massachusetts, Puffer's Pond, Amherst, USA

August 4, 2004

USA, Amherst, Puffer's Pond, Massachusetts