March 31, 2002

Quick, get to the top before the snow melts!

Maine, USA, Sugarloaf, Myke, chairlift, skiing

March 31, 2002

ascending the hill

Sugarloaf, USA, Maine, mountain, chairlift

March 31, 2002

myke skiing

USA, Maine, Sugarloaf, Myke, skiing

March 31, 2002

myke making silly faces

Sugarloaf, USA, Maine, Myke, skiing, silly

March 31, 2002

view from the lodge

USA, Maine, Sugarloaf, mountain, skiing

January 2003


Massachusetts, my apt in the Boulders, Amherst, USA, winter

February 2003

View out my bedroom window.

my apt in the Boulders, Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, view, winter

February 8, 2003

Massachusetts, Northfield Mountain, USA, winter, skiing

February 8, 2003

UMass Outing Club excursion to go cross-country skiing. Perfect weather; beautiful mountain; good c...

Northfield Mountain, USA, Massachusetts, Aziz, Carrie, Me, Myke, Ira, Mark, winter, skiing

February 8, 2003

Northfield Mountain, USA, Massachusetts, Evan, Me, Hemant, winter, skiing