February 19, 1994

Minneapolis, hotel, USA, Minnesota, Me, high school band/orch/choir trip

October 15, 2000

Walsh-Dickey trail. Lots of bare granite sheets. Great hike though; spectacular scenery.

USA, White Mountains, Whitewater Valley, New Hampshire, Myke, Me, good photo of myke, trees, mountains, fall colors, favorite outdoors pics

April 2002

with stockings on head, in my room, myke at camera

Massachusetts, my apt on Beacon St, Somerville, USA, Me, my apt, silly

May 10, 2003

Hanging out with David in New York City, when he was there with a Temple Emanuel trip.

USA, New York, New York City, Me, hat

March 17, 2004

Computer Science dept, USA, Massachusetts, Amherst, Me, Emily, Vicky, snowman, snow, winter

June 26, 2004

living room, USA, Michigan, East Grand Rapids, my house, Jeremy, Me, David, moustache, silly

December 28, 2004

Michigan, USA, Me, Dad, snow, winter

December 23, 2007

Escondido, Dixon Lake, USA, California, Me