May 28, 1995

Mom and David helping me move out.

USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Mom, David

May 26, 1995

Cambridge, USA, Canaday E-31, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Me, Susannah, Chris

May 26, 1995

People-and-cushions sandwich.

Harvard University, Massachusetts, Canaday E-31, USA, Cambridge, Susannah, Chris, Me

May 25, 1995

Canaday E-31, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, Chris, Janet

May 25, 1995

The money in her hand, notes my original caption, is to pay for the T-shirt of our "MSG" physics stu...

Massachusetts, Harvard University, USA, Cambridge, Lesley

May 24, 1995

My desk setup in the common room. Coat, pictures on the wall, and Murray, our room's rubber tree pl...

Harvard University, Massachusetts, Cambridge, USA, Canaday C-51

May 21, 1995

Memorial Church, at the back, tolls for 2 full minutes every hour, an unignorable presence to Canada...

Massachusetts, courtyard, Harvard University, Canaday C-51, USA, Cambridge, view from my room

May 20, 1995

Harvard University, courtyard, Massachusetts, USA, Cambridge, Chris, in a tree

May 20, 1995

In the search for promiscuous trees.

Harvard University, courtyard, Massachusetts, Cambridge, USA, Chris, Natalka, in a tree

May 20, 1995

Cambridge, USA, Massachusetts, courtyard, Harvard University, Triada, Miranda, Merav, dyed hair