May 2, 2001

tent city. some of the squatters invited us to join in--they included BU kids, homeless people, ran...

Harvard Yard, Massachusetts, Cambridge, USA, living wage protest

May 2, 2001

Massachusetts Hall, bedecked with signs and guards. Note the presence of anti-PSLM banners--they le...

Massachusetts, Harvard Yard, USA, Cambridge, living wage protest

May 2, 2001

Wow. Campus changed while I was gone. (Living Wage protesters took over the president's office, an...

USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard Yard, living wage protest

January 11, 1996

Music 91r group at recital. We played a Brahms G major string quintet.

Massachusetts, USA, Cambridge, Chris, Me, Dave

October 10, 1995

View out the window from my little room.

USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, framed, view from my room

May 28, 1995

Mom and David helping me move out.

Massachusetts, Canaday, USA, Cambridge, David, Mom

May 27, 1995

Inside the freshman dining hall. One semester later, closed and renovated to become the Barker Cent...

Massachusetts, Cambridge, USA, Meredith, Susannah, Nina, Charles

May 27, 1995

Just before move-out. One last try to find the Business School Chapel (behind us) unlocked.

USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Janet, Chris, Natalka

May 26, 1995

Massachusetts, USA, Canaday E-31, Cambridge, Canaday, Susannah, Me, Chris

May 26, 1995

People-and-cushions sandwich.

Massachusetts, Canaday, Canaday E-31, USA, Cambridge, Chris, Me, Susannah