January 11, 1996

Music 91r group at recital. We played a Brahms G major string quintet.

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, Massachusetts, Chris, Me

May 26, 1995

Nobody wants their picture taken . . . Math-gang dinner at Bangkok House.

USA, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Janet, Rachel, Dan, Aaron, Chris

May 20, 1995

Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA, Cambridge, in a tree

January 30, 1995

On the way back from lunch buffet at Dehli Darbar, that greatest of Indian restaurants. During inte...

USA, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Harvard University, Chris, Aaron, Lesley, Rachel, Janet, Natalka

December 17, 1994

Cambridge, Canaday, Massachusetts, USA, Canaday E-31, Harvard University, Natalka, Janet

December 17, 1994

Harvard University, Canaday E-31, USA, Canaday, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Charles