December 27, 2007

Out to dinner for Dad's birthday, at Rose's.

East Grand Rapids, USA, Michigan, Me, Dad, David, Jeremy, dinner

November 22, 2007

Michigan, USA, den, East Grand Rapids, my house, Jeremy

November 22, 2007

East Grand Rapids, my house, USA, Michigan, den, Jeremy

November 22, 2007

my house, East Grand Rapids, den, USA, Michigan, Jeremy

June 26, 2004

USA, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Millennium Park, Dad, David, Me

June 26, 2004

Grand Rapids, Millennium Park, Michigan, USA, Dad, David

June 26, 2004

USA, Michigan, Millennium Park, Grand Rapids, Dad, David, park, clock, framed

July 6, 2003

All grins with David driving the Audi, starting the long trip home.

USA, Hadley, Massachusetts, Dad, David, car

July 5, 2003

In front of one of the houses in Historic Deerfield (museum).

USA, Massachusetts, Deerfield, David

June 2002

At an art party.

Michigan, USA, Dad