June 19, 2005

This was the birthday party for Sarah Foote, or effectively a goodbye party for the "Feet."

Italy, triangle park, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Hilary, AAR-people

March 1, 2005

Rome, Monte Testaccio, Italy, Myke, Sarah, Paul, Ruth, AAR-people, pot shards

March 1, 2005

Hard to make out who's who, we're that bundled up.

Italy, Monte Testaccio, Rome, Myke, Eve, Paul, Hilary, George, Lynn, Ruth, pot shards, AAR-people

March 1, 2005

From around the Roman empire, vessels of oil (and fish paste?) arrived here as taxes. The vessels w...

Italy, Rome, Monte Testaccio, Eve, Myke, Lynn, Ruth, Paul, Hilary, George, AAR-people, pot shards

February 25, 2005

Italy, Santa Costanza, Rome, Steven, Eve, Jennifer, AAR-people