September 17, 2006

Cambridge, myke's apt on Dudley St, USA, Massachusetts, Hodge, housewarming party

September 17, 2006

A glass of wine in each hand!

myke's apt on Dudley St, USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Hodge, housewarming party

November 30, 2002

Massachusetts, USA, myke's apt on Dudley St, Cambridge, Myke

August 18, 2002

USA, Boston Harbor Islands, Boston, Massachusetts, Girts, Myke

August 18, 2002

Massachusetts, Boston Harbor Islands, USA, Boston, Girts, Me, sunglasses, boat

July 29, 2001

Brussels, Belgium, my apt in Brussels, my apt

July 27, 2001

whirlwind tour of Brussels, as they visited me

Brussels, Belgium, Andreea's mother, park