June 17, 1995

Lake Michigan, Hoffmaster State Park, Michigan, USA, Calvin, Amy

May 28, 1994

Playing "duck-duck goose."

Michigan, USA, East Grand Rapids, Becca's house, Ringo, David, Tim, John, Amy, Teri, Jack, Dave

May 28, 1994

Becca's graduation party.

Becca's house, Michigan, East Grand Rapids, USA, Amy, Emily

May 14, 1994

The Girls.

Michigan, Cascade Country Club, USA, Grand Rapids, Jaime, Me, Anne, Becca, , Jeannie, Kelley, prom

May 14, 1994

Dinner and pictures at the country club Tim's parents belonged to.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Cascade Country Club, Me, Becca, Ringo, Anne, Andy, Tim, Jack, Kelley, Calvin, prom

May 14, 1994

USA, Cascade Country Club, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Ringo, prom

April 10, 1994

living room, East Grand Rapids, USA, my house, Michigan, Emily, Anne, Jaime, birthday

February 19, 1994

Minneapolis, hotel, Minnesota, USA, Kelley, Jack, Anne, Adam, Emily, high school band/orch/choir trip


Michigan, East Grand Rapids, USA, Kelley, Me, Becca