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Trecento Fragments and Polyphony Beyond the Codex

Michael Scott Cuthbert, Trecento Fragments and Polyphony Beyond the Codex (Ph.D. Dissertation: Harvard University, 2006). xxxiv + 555 pages.

The dissertation is copyright 2006, Michael Scott Cuthbert, however, you are free to download it from this site for your personal use.

Errata and additions

Available as a .pdf file.


  • Low (screen) resolution -- refers to a 72dpi version only suitable for viewing on screen at 100% zoom or smaller. At present I have no intention of uploading the screen quality dissertation since the size savings would be less than 50% over low-print resolution, while the drawbacks are large.

  • Low-print resolution -- refers to an acceptable quality for printing (150 to 200dpi) and high enough quality for study on screen with zooming.

  • Medium resolution -- 300 dpi on most images (600dpi on some B&W). Suitable for printing. Many of my own dissertation prints are of this quality.

  • High resolution -- 600 dpi on some images (300 on most; 1200 on some B&W) with no jpeg artifacts. Suitable for press runs, but only noticeable on high quality paper with a high quality printer. I have a copy at this resolution, but doubt I will put it on-line since it is over 400MB.

Complete Dissertations: Individual Chapters (Medium resolution): Chapters 1-5 in Low-print Resolution: